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Travel Tickets

The passengers'  access to platforms is permitted only after tickets are validated by the fare collection system. Price valid from 15.10.2017

"2 trips”
Lei 5,00

"10 trips”
Lei 20,00 

"Daily pass"
Lei 8,00 

15 minutes restricted access.
"Monthly pass
 (unlimited trips)”
Lei 70,00

15 minutes restricted access.

"Monthly pass
(unlimited trips)
Lei 35,00 

15 minutes restricted access.

"Travel pass"

15 minutes restricted access.

"Weekly pass"
(unlimited trips)
Lei 25,00 

15 minutes restricted access.
support graphics
used for the
trip titles
sold by the
 Automatic Vending Machines.
Yearly Card

720,00 Lei

15 minutes restricted access.
   Group Card -
3 pearsons

5,00 Lei

 Group Card - 
4 pearsons

6,50 Lei

 Group Card - 
5 pearsons

8,00 Lei

One Trip Card

2.50 Lei

Combined Trip Card

* see details

 ** Starting with December 10th, 2017, the Common Ticket Metrorex – RATB will be available on Ultralight contactless card as follows:  


SINGLE TICKET for 60 minutes (valid for R.A.T.B. and Metrorex S.A urban lines)

Lei 5,00

10 TRIPS TICKET of 60 minutes/ each trip  (valid for R.A.T.B. and Metrorex S.A urban lines)

Lei 34,00

DAILY PASS with 15 minutes temporization (valid for R.A.T.B. and Metrorex S.A urban lines)

Lei 17,00

These Trip Titles are not valid for express lines, pre-urban lines or special tariff R.A.T.B. lines.
During the 60 minutes’ limit, the passenger may validate the common ticket, VALID FOR R.A.T.B. and Metrorex S.A urban lines, in any Metrorex and R.A.T.B. means of transportation (except for: express lines, pre-urban lines and special tariff lines), the last validation being valid until the end of the Line (bus, trolleybus, tram, metro).
The current Trip Titles of both Metrorex and R.A.T.B. transport operators shall remain valid.

Card payment on Metrorex pay offices.
The pay offices in the metro network where is available the bank card payment (during the working hours) are:
- Metro Line 1: Republica, Costin Georgian, Titan, Nicolae Grigorescu 1, Dristor 1, Timpuri Noi, Piaţa Unirii 1, Izvor, Eroilor, Grozăveşti, Crângaşi, Basarab 1, Gara de Nord, Piaţa Victoriei 2, Ştefan cel Mare, Obor, Piaţa Iancului, Piaţa Muncii, Dristor 2.
- Metro Line 2: Dimitrie Leonida, Apărătorii Patriei, Piaţa Sudului, Constantin Brâncoveanu, Eroii Revoluţiei, Tineretului, Piaţa Unirii 2, Universitate, Piaţa Romană, Aviatorilor, Aurel Vlaicu, Pipera.
- Metro Line 3: Păcii, Gorjului, Lujerului, Politehnica, 1 Decembrie 1918.
- Metro Line 4: 1 Mai, Jiului.
The passengers may also use the bank card payment at:
- all special pay offices where are issued discounted passes for pupils and students (Politehnica, Gara de Nord 1, Apărătorii Patriei, Piaţa Unirii 1, Piaţa Unirii 2, Grozăveşti, Piaţa Romană, Universitate, Nicolae Grigorescu 1, Eroilor);
- special pay offices for blood donors (Gara de Nord 1 and Piaţa Unirii 1);
- the two pay offices for invoicing (Gara de Nord 2 and Eroilor)
- the automatic vending machines in the metro stations.
On the counters of these pay offices there are placed stickers visually indicating to passengers that the following bank cards are accepted for payment: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron and Maestro.





















































































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