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   1. During the metro trip, the passengers are required to keep a valid travelling ticket. If not, they will be subject to the provisions of the Law no. 150/2005.
   2. To maintain the traffic flow, when travelling by metro, the passengers are recommended to walk on the right side in the running direction.
   3. Step carefully when using escalators or elevators, in order to avoid accidents. Stand only to the right side, facing forward.
   4. The passengers’ access on roller skates or skateboards in the metro network is not allowed.
   5. Access with animals or live birds within the metro network is forbidden, except small pets carried in proper conditions (cages or bird houses, on a leash and with a muzzle).
   6. Access on bicycles in the metro network is granted on working days, between 20:00 - 23:00 hours, but on weekends and statutory holidays, the access is granted according to the timetable (from 5:00 to 23:00 hours). Bicycles access in the metro train is allowed using only the first door of the train in the running direction.
   7. It is illegal to bring in dangerous objects into the metro stations or trains. Please, immediately report any unattended or abandoned package to Metrorex staff or any police or security agent. Keep away of such package and do not touch it.
   8. The passengers carrying infant strollers and the passengers in wheelchairs are asked to get in or get off using only the first door of the train in the running direction.
   9. While waiting for the train, do not overstep the safety strip marked on the platform.
 10. When the train is stopped at the platform, push the button placed on the door leaf, where applicable, in order to individually open it.
 11. When the train stops in station, the passengers getting off the train have priority over those getting in. Step carefully over the gap between the train door and the platform.
 12. It is forbidden the passengers getting in or getting off the train after the doors closing announcement. Metrorex will not be responsible for any potential accidents occurred further getting off or getting in the train, after closing doors announcement.
 13. It is forbidden to block the train access doors.
 14. During the metro travel it is forbidden to lean on the access doors.
 15. For passengers’ safety, while the metro train is in operation, it is recommended the luggage (backpacks, satchels) to be held in hand.
 16. It is not recommended to stand in the gangways area.
 17. In case you notice the train faulty operation or smoke emission, use the emergency system and wait for the driver’s instructions.
 18. In case the train stops between stations, the passengers are asked to wait for the train departure or the driver’s instructions.
 19. It is strictly forbidden to abusively use the alarm system in the train. Such trespassing will be subject to the regulations into force.
 20. It is strictly forbidden to take pictures and filming within the metro network without the agreement of Metorex management.


• Do not leave your children unattended when entering or exiting through the access gates!
• Children up to the age of 6 accompanied by an adult are allowed through the access gates only if:
 They are being held in the attendant’s arms;
 They are in a baby stroller;
 They are held by the hand as close as possible to the attendant.

• The special access gates are intended for:
 disabled passengers;
 passengers accompanying children up to the age of 6 that are: in a baby stroller / held in one’s arms/ held by the hand;
 passengers accompanied by pet dogs (muzzle and lead required)/ by guide dogs/or by utility dogs;
 passengers with bicycles (Monday to Friday - after 8 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - all day long);
 passengers with luggage.

• Please, do not run or stand in the swing area of the access gates!

 For information and complaints you may use:
 - The passenger’s phone: 021/9264;
 - The SOS terminals placed at the station platform;
 - Info kiosks placed at the entrance of the stations.
 - www., - e-mail:

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