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Environmental agreement

- October 24th 2017. Public Announcement regarding Environmental Agreement, for Metro M 6 Project See details .

- 05 September 05th 2017. Public Announcement regarding public debate over Environmental Impact Report, for Metro M 6 Project See details .

- June 10 th 2017. Public Announcement regarding the Decision of the Stage 6 Incorporation Stage See details.

- 29 Iunie 2018. Public Announcement regarding  the Directive 2014/52/UE of  European Parliament  and of  Changing Council rgd. the Directive 2011/92/UE, of Environmetal Agreement  no. 4/30.10.2017 issued by ANPM for project “Link of metro network with  International Airport  Henri Coanda. M 6 Project : 1 Mai - Otopeni” See details.

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